Friday Yoga Fix

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That face. Gush.

Giraffes. Favorite. Fridays. Favorite.

I checked Chicago’s Craigslist. Nothing.

Birthday wishlist. Ok, moving on…

Two of my favorite yoga myths to break are:

1) You don’t think you’re flexible enough and 2) You just don’t have time

I want to bring you Friday Yoga Fixes that break one or both of those terrible, God-
forsaken myths brought to you by individuals like so…


Impressive? Yes. Inspiring? Possibly.

Functional? Not for anything on this blog.

Today’s Friday Yoga Fix #fyf (you can hashtag anything – Jimmy Fallon taught us this) is:  Desk Yoga

I work in a corporate office with an open layout. It works incredibly well for team building, transparency, and looking incredibly trendy.

20150819_180117 (1)

On the other hand, you literally share everything with your colleagues from those personal phone calls regarding your online Amazon order that went wrong, your curry Lean Cuisine, and now your yoga. Let’s give that a wild thing high-five!


Now, here for your Friday Yoga Fix that incorporates functional stretching, shoulder openers, twists, (some eye rolls to see how conspicuous you really look), and the last pose is great for liver detoxification. After a long week at work, you’ve likely had a lot of coffee, maybe a happy hour or two, and possibly some sugar to get you through the week, and your liver needs a little love before you possibly add to its workload this weekend.  This sequence is literally less than one minute….you’ve got time!! You also need zero flexibility. Zero. And no co-workers were harmed in the making of this little ditty. In fact, no one even saw me. #peaceloveandhappyFriday


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