Let Go or Be Dragged


I can’t think of a better example of this, than when I was literally inches from a ski boat/tubing accident two years ago.  My good friend took us out on his boat on the Delta. Out on the Delta, the banks used to have a railroad on it (I think)…regardless, there is all kinds of rebar and railroad ties and scrap metal that will tear. you. up. if you hit it.

Somehow, never having grown up going to the lakes much, I turned into a lake junkie. I love to wakeboard, tube (although, now I’m a little shy of it…you’ll see why), paddleboard, and just be near the water. It’s my calming element. I love it. Back to the story. My friend and I took our turn at tubing behind the boat. The unwritten contest of tubing is that the boat driver tries to drive so the tubers fall off, and the tubers literally hang on at any cost.  My friend and I had been doing a pretty decent job of hanging on around all of the whips and turns.  We were taking what seemed to be a pretty wide swath on our final turn, and my quick geometry tells me we’re not far enough from the bank. Somehow, it doesn’t cross my mind to let go of the tube and bail. My ego was so far ahead of me that I wanted to hold on at any cost. I still remember a supernatural feeling releasing my hands, and my friend and I landed in the reeds, not more than 18 inches from scrap metal and rebar and what would have been a pretty gnarly accident.

Let go or be dragged.  This is more of a reminder to myself this year (as I turn 30 today) to let go or be dragged. If your morning didn’t go well…let it go or you’ll drag it through the rest of your day.  Someone didn’t treat you the way you wanted, let it go or you’ll be dragged into thinking that maybe you’re not good enough. Focus on the people who treat you right. You responded to something in a way you’re not proud of, let it go and do better next time. I’m sure you know exactly the types of things that you need to let go because they’ve already dragged you far enough. I sure do. So much easier said than done.

It also reminds me of one of the fifth yamas in yoga – aparigraha or non-possessiveness. This yama keeps coming back to me for the past few months. What do you hold on to in your life? There are a lot of things that we can all let go of that don’t serve us at the moment.  Let go or be dragged. When you can let go, it opens up so much freedom and releases anxiety, worry, disappointment and expectations.

Here’s a few tips for letting it go before you get dragged away. Hopefully you find these useful, especially when we move into the holiday season and it’s easy to get dragged away by demands of time, money, work, parties, and more.

  1. Donate – with the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to let go of some of those items (clothes, household goods, change in your purse. Giving feels good, and you’ll feel less weighed down by all that extra “stuff”.
  2. Breathe – Ever let out a big sigh after being upset or stressed? You were holding your breath in a tense moment. Breath is life. Take some time to breathe intentionally and you’ll feel lighter and more calm.
  3. Move on – Whether you’ve been thinking about the past or the future, you’re liking bothered by a situation that is past you and you can’t change or may not even come about in the future. Move on from that moment and live where you are.
  4. Water your grass – Maybe not literally, but metaphorically. The grass is green where you water it. Practice kindness in your own life and to yourself. Invest in what interests you. Bring life to your life.

Now I’m going to go practice a few of these myself. Excited to start this year letting a few things go! Peace, love, and let it go, homies.


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