Eat More Plants


I was searching for a new challenge for February. No matter how much I have going on, I always feel like I can fit more, but I knew I’m practically at my edge where I am (where the growth is, am I right? Breathe into your edge, I coach people. It will be fun.) Ha! At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  When I saw the Eat More Plants challenge at, I knew this was something to push me but not break me.


 If you’ve been following my Instagram, I’ve been making slow tweaks toward a more plant-based lifestyle (read as “vegetarian”.)  I’m still working out a lot and want to make sure I get my protein in to save muscle while half marathon training. Let’s talk about major myth #1, but that’s a whole different post.  When I saw the challenge to eat more plants, I thought, “I’m not sure I can really eat that many more plants. That’s all I eat.” Then, one of Maryea’s options was to go vegan. This seemed like the perfect next step. I was feeling great on vegetarian, but dairy was sneaking in, which for me is an intolerance and a big no-no. Now, I’m not eating yogurt, cheese, and ice cream, but even little bits from dark or milk chocolate were irritating me.  This was going to be a great chance to move toward vegan for the month, see how it worked with my lifestyle, and workouts, and give me time to learn about the nutritional value and ethical considerations of veganism.  More importantly, I don’t want a label.  So, it supports a plant-based lifestyle.  Screenshot_2016-01-31-21-44-02-1

For the next 29 days (I love the Leap Year!), I will be plant-based along with my friend Jaymi.  Jaymi is just an inspiration on her own, but I’m really looking forward to having a partner in this venture. Not only will it also be a vegan month, Jaymi and I are doing yoga every day (if only for 10 minutes), and keeping our eyes out for opportunities to help others. It’s not easy to fit in formal volunteering as often as I’d like to, so I’m looking for opportunities to help others. Hold the door open, have handouts for a meeting, put the dishes away…anything unexpected that could help someone or even save their tail (aka…making your boss look good in that meeting.)  February is going to be magical – full of love for myself, animals, others.


Since the plant-based lifestyle is rather new to me, I’ll be sharing my meals, workouts, etc. and how it’s all working. Follow me at @kleestone for meal pics. Some will also show up here as well.  Or, join Maryea and others on the challenge. I would love it if you’d comment below if you are already eating more plants, are vegan, or want to join Maryea or me on the challenge. Head on over to her site as well for some really great ways to keep track of your plant intake.


Taste the rainbow…and no, not that Skittle chemical storm.

Life, love, and all the green things!


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