What are You Waiting For?

Screenshot_2016-01-31-16-21-23-1January. flew. by. I know, I know. “The older you get, the faster it goes.” I hear it from my coworkers all the time. How is this possible? I’ve been thinking a lot lately between the differences in kids and adults. If time goes faster, the older you get, is it because we’re not really living in the present? Think of kids…when they’re playing with their toys, they are playing with their toys. When they’re working on a math problem, they are working on a math problem. When they’re at recess, they are at recess. When they are at dinner, they are eating dinner. What a concept! Concepts that I have long forgotten but would serve me so well.

I think of my life…when I’m getting ready for work, I’m eating breakfast, practicing a presentation, thinking about my workout later that night and what pace I need to PR in my half marathon (working backwards to how fast my speed work and tempo runs need to be), and before I know it, I’m brushing my teeth and on my way to the train. Of course, while I’m on the train, I’m not just on the train. I’m trying to read a devotional for the day…halfway through, I get distracted wondering what headlines are in the DailySkimm, then bouncing to my email inbox, which Lord knows, is never a good idea for stress levels before you actually get to the office. No wonder our days go by faster and faster. We’re living in the past and living in the future, and not actually living and enjoying today. Granted, I know we all have a lot more competing for our time and energy, and real living responsibilities looking to us. It’s not just us that we are taking care of, and there’s not always someone else watching out for us either.  I wonder, though, if we lived more fully in the present, if we wouldn’t be wishing for so much time back.

I’m starting my 2016 over. January was a warm up. While there were moments I really loved, as a whole, I’d do the month differently. February is a new month. There are 11 more fabulous months for the rest of the year, and I want to be really pleased with how I lived them.

Here are a few steps I’m going to take to have a better 2016, starting in my “new year”.

  • No social media within an hour of waking or an hour of going to bed
  • One window open at a time
  • Eat one meal a day, just having my meal
  • 10 minutes of yoga every day

What are you going to try?


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