Oops, I Did it Again

Well, friends, I did it again…I signed up for another half marathon. Hehehe.

Good Life Halfsy  Yassssss! Good Life Halfsy. It’s happening, and it’s far enough away, I don’t have to think about it yet, can slowly amp up my endurance and only train for the final 6-8 weeks.  Twelve weeks is just too long for me.  I get distracted and bored and have time for life and good friends to talk me out of running 13.1 miles. There’s something about running in the fall that is just so exhilirating, especially in the Midwest.  It’s like you’re soaking up every last good running day before Mother Nature tells you to take it to the treadmill. Good Life Halfsy, I’m coming for you!

Since “the half” isn’t until November, I have a solid 3 months to do something else, so I’m working on my own training plan to build up my 5k.  The fastest 5k I’ve ever done “officially” was around 28:08.  It was actually what really started my love of running. I signed up on a whim for a 5k in Wichita, KS on a hot, humid June day and won my age group. I know what you’re thinking…I won my age division with that time??  I was shocked, too, but it was a small enough race that not many people signed up. I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now because that’s all it took for me to tell myself I could keep at this running stuff. Since then, I’ve run a 5k on a treadmill in 27:17 with proof…IMG_20160430_181123

Again, I know there are puuuhhhlenty of runners faster, but eyes on my own page. This is fast…for me. My goal is to drop that 27:17 down to 25:00 in 8 weeks. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’m working on a training plan to at least knock time off of 27:17.

Here’s how the last two weeks of training went:

Week 1:  

-Monday: Rest Day

-Tuesday: X-Train 40 minutes                                                                                                             

-Wednesday: 2 miles at carb loaded pace (8:10/mile). It was supposed to be at 8:45 pace but carbs happen, and for this initial run, I loved it!!

-Thursday: 40 minutes cross training and 9Round Fitness workout. If you haven’t heard of 9Round, it’s like a box studio with cardio and kickboxing in 30 minutes. Except, you can go in at ANY time during operating hours and hop in on the circuit. You don’t have to wait for pesky class times. It’s entirely flexible to you. The trainers are awesome. The workout is fun and challenging. Most clients bust out 400 calories in only 30 min. Check it out!!       \

-Friday: 3 x (800m @ RP + 400m rest) + Strength training. I ended up running w/u of .5 at 9:31, then 800s at 8:34, 8:27, 8:19 with 9:13 pace 400s as my “rests” with a cool down of .5 at 9:31.  I also did a “push” lifting workout that focused on upper body pushing.

-Saturday: Afternoon yoga at the tavern with Live Red Roots with the following HIIT workout 3 rounds of 15 goblet squat (20#), 10 burpees, 5 lunges/leg (10# dumbbells), 10 box jumps, 15 single leg deadlift (20#)

-Sunday: 5 mile easy run at 10:10 pace…it’s hard for me to take easy runs “easy,” so this was a bit faster in 46:54 (9:08, 9:06, 9:14, 9:39, 9:35). Hills and humidity got me in miles 4 and 5.

Week 2:                                                                                                                                                        

-Monday: 20 min AMRAP (5 dead bug each side, 10 goblet squats, 5 pushups, 10 KB swings) + 10 min finisher (10 pledge plank, 12 straight legged sit-up, 20 total flutter kick, 10 reverse lunge/side, 12 knee-to-elbow plank, 20 lateral hop over cone)

-Tuesday: 3 miles at 8:35 pace with this glorious view…and wind, dust, and humidity, but who’s counting. It was supposed to be an 8:45 pace, so I’m happy.

20160613_200155 (1).jpg-Wednesday: 4 miles walking (studying for a final while I walked…I can chew gum while I’m at it, too. 😉 ) + 30 minutes on bike + 30 minute AMRAP (double front squat 30#, one-arm bent over row 15#, mountain climber, OH press #15 – 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps of all)

-Thursday: 9Round

-Friday: 40 min X-Train

-Saturday: 4 x (800m @ RP + 400m rest) + Strength training. I ended up running w/u of .5 at 9:31, then 800s at 8:27, 8:27, 8:00, 8:00 with rests of 200m at 4mph with a 1 mile walking cool down.  I also did a “pull” lifting workout that focused on upper body pulling.

-Sunday: I was actually just going to lift legs and do some yoga since I ran the day before but my body was telling me I had it in me.  So…I did a 5 mile easy run with a 1 mile strong finish – easy pace was about 10:00/mile (supposed to be 10:10) and last mile at 9:10. I wanted to get 60 minutes in so I just finished it out for a little further and finished by lifting legs.

I plan to make this a weekly update to keep track of my training more accurately and see what the 5k improvement looks like from week to week. Happy trails!


4 thoughts on “Oops, I Did it Again

  1. angela says:

    Wow girl you are on fire. Way to push yourself! I will definitely have to try out the muffin recipe. Looks delicious.

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