Favorite Things Friday

This guy…right here. He’s a favorite and definitely at the top of list this Father’s Day and all days.  Same mischievous grin, just a little less hair these days. I’ll be at a wedding this weekend, so I’m sending my early wishes and a call on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day, Steen-o!Steen & Ro _ Father's Day

I didn’t have a post near Mother’s Day, and she deserves one, too! Seriously though, my parents are the best! I constantly hope that if I have kids, I’m as supportive and loving and all-around spectacular as my parents continue to be to my siblings and me. I could do an entirely separate post just on these two. Simply the best.

And now, Tina Turner is stuck in my head. I’ll add her to today’s list, too.

Tina Turner – Simply the Best

Enough said. This song will be making it’s way into my mixes for a long while to come.

Go-Dry Mid-Rise Melange Compression Crop for Screenshot (55)Women

These workout crops. They come in “Longs,” which at 5’12” I appreciate the length. They’re on sale right now, too, for $15.  It’s about 45% off regular price, and totally worth it! Plus, ON Activewear is always on sale with hot deals. My crops and leggings from ON have lasted me a long time, too.



Rich Roll Podcast – With Robin Arzon

Screenshot (60)

I use an Ipod shuffle while I run, but sometimes I get tired of my music that’s been on there for at least four years. At the advice of many, I tried out podcasts while I was training for a half marathon this spring, and actually enjoyed it.  On my easy long run last weekend, I thought I’d try it out again. I love using Stitcher for podcasts subscriptions and recently found the Rich Roll podcast.  He talked with Robin Arzon in a recent episode, and her story is so inspiring. Without giving away too much, she left her corporate law career and became an ultra runner. Her love of running just started slowly while she was in her career, and it turned out she was really good. She was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and continues to run.  She picked up some ads with Adidas and is a regular person who made it up through the ranks organically. It’s a fun listen, whether you’re running or not. Warning…she does use some language, though, so not advised if you’ve got littles listening with you.

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Screenshot (57)

These pancakes. So good. I don’t typically get excited about pancakes, but I’m gluten intolerant so regular pancakes are not even negotiable.  I’m always on the search for a good gluten-free (usually Paleo) recipe for the traditional breakfast foods, like these banana nut muffins I posted earlier this week. Juli from Paleomg.com created these lemon poppyseed pancakes, which have received high marks from non-Paleo eaters. (WIN!!!)  It’s tough to do, but these did it. My dad even ate them AND had seconds. Definitely add them to your breakfast menu this weekend. Add some blueberries or raspberries for extra deliciousness! Thank me later.

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all of the dads, step-dads, non-traditional dads, stand-in dads, father figures, and more!


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