But I need a Yoga Body…

So many great conversations came up over this past weekend with friends, and I want to thank Patty for giving me the ideas for the posts this week.  We talked a lot about life and a little about yoga. One of things said was, “If you think you need a yoga body, that’s crap.” Truth bomb. Plain and simple.

So many times I hear that people would only do yoga if they had a “yoga body.”I ask more about what this means and usually they’re thinking if they were taller, thinner, vegan, flexible, and speak sanskrit and meditate every day. Holy whoa. Stop right there. First hand experience…tall does not equal flexible. Thin does not equal vegan. None of those in combination mean anything and certainly none of them should be a precondition for being able to do yoga.

Unfortunately, the ego plays a HUGE role in yoga.  We get self-conscious when we compare ourselves to others we see in class, covet the bodies we see in magazines, or get competitive thinking we can go deeper in a pose than the person next to us (which can lead to injury), among so many other thoughts. We’re lucky now days that we have so many studios around, online classes, online challenges, international yoga retreats, and more. I’m betting a pretty penny that the foundation of yoga wasn’t in a super steamy room with glossy hardwood floors, shiny mirrors, sexy spandex, and the latest music hits. It was so individual and foundational based upon a set of poses or asanas. I’m diving into more than I wanted to hear, so I’ll save it for another post.

Bottom line…you do not need to look like this…Yoga Body 3.png

…or this…

Yoga Body 2.png

or this…

Yoga Body 1

Let’s be honest…those are beautiful poses. The models are fit and have great bodies. And, Ithaca is now a place I’d like to visit. Not really, but it’s a fun picture. I follow a lot of sites like yogabeyond or yogainspiration and find some quality there at times. These sites are tagged as yoga inspiration or yoga goals, and while I would like to do those poses, it’s not functional for me. I don’t need to be able to do the splits while my boyfriend balances me on his toes. Cool? To some, yes. Functional? No. Not in the least.

Soooo…if you’re wondering if you should try yoga…yes, yes, all the yes’s!!! Yoga means union. Union of breath and body. Do you have a body? Yes. Are you breathing? Yes! Do you have a yoga body? YES!!!

If you’re not interested in going to a studio to try a class or are just not sure which type of yoga would be for you, I am planning to add content over time that will give you the foundation to do your own yoga that is functional for you!

I will share functional poses with purpose, like such…

…or in other posts like the neck and shoulder flow or in the resources tab.

I’m always trying to improve my own alignment and take extra classes with a focus just on that in order to help my students avoid injury due to alignment. I will also be the first to tell you that tall people are not necessarily flexible; but we try, and it gets better.

It’s your own journey in your yoga body. Progress, not perfection.

For more foundational and functional poses, life, and some bloopers, follow me on Instagram, too. Happy Friday!


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