My BuJo!

Happy New Year! I’ve been on a hiatus somewhat unintentionally but had some other big projects I was working, and I felt like I needed to pick something consistent to blog about. Yoga? Paleo recipes? Running? But, I don’t fit into those little boxes, and neither will my posts all of the time. I have a lot of interests!

While I may appear very organized to some, those who know me best, know I’m hard to nail down and tend to go where the wind blows.  However, I do like to have my notebook or planner to write things down, make to do lists for my to do lists (mostly so I feel like I’m in order), and make goals for myself.  I remember my grandma always had a little notebook that she recorded everything she did at the end of the day. I should have asked her why she did that while she was still around, but I’ll be satisfied in the fact that I think I picked it up from her.


I was looking for a new planner for this year and realized none of them were exactly what I’m looking for. If I could blend three of them together, that would be ideal, but Target doesn’t look highly upon tearing apart their merchandise.  I do love, love, LOVE Target’s notebooks, though, and tend to just buy a blank one to use for my planner, devotions, goals, lists…you get the idea.  This year, I decided I’d keep that practice but create my own BuJo with this lovely golden polka-dotted magic life organizer. Apparently BuJo is the lingo for “Bullet Journal” these days. 

I knew some of the basics I wanted to put inside, but also looked around on the internet and found some great ideas on Instagram at @bulletjournal and also by clicking around on some of the accounts featured there. I also looked at and, which have fantastic ideas for setting up your journal and some fun lettering ideas.

Because there are just so many layouts you could make in your journal/planner, I only outlined my first month of January. I think I’ll probably keep this layout with some spontaneous lists based on that week or month.


Goodbye, last month. Helloooo, new year!


Review of past month with successes, struggles, and areas for improvement as well as things I’m loving that month.  The next month looks ahead at monthly, weekly, and daily goals that support my yearly goals.


Monthly view with area for notes – I like to see the big picture before I dive into the details.


I liked a lot of the monthly trackers that helps me keep track of them all in one place. Most of these align with my spiritual, relationship, and health goals.  The image is one I found when I was googling.  I wish that was all my idea and artwork, but it certainly represents how I feel about 2017.


Super simple weekly layout.  One of my words for this year is “Simplify.”


I found this in a fitness journal at Target, but it also reminds me of the Five Minute Journal I use that I’ve blogged about in my October Gr”Attitude” Challenge.

Hopefully this helps you see it’s not so intimidating. The most difficult part was figuring out just what I wanted to include, but I knew what I needed this planner to accomplish for me, which helped a ton! Start simple. Add as you go.  Please email me if you need help with ideas!

QOTD: “Whatever you feed your mind determines your appetite!” – Just heard this on a Zig Ziglar Podcast episode. Check it out…it never disappoints!


3 thoughts on “My BuJo!

    • atallyogi says:

      You definitely should! I love seeing how creative people get with these! I can see how I may start to be obsessed with colored pens, specifically ones that don’t bleed.

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