This blog is for anyone who wants it all (and is likely doing it all) and needs to create a little space to thrive.



CaptureHiiii! It’s how I greet all my friends. If you’re reading this blog, I think you’re my friend, or I’m at least comfortable enough to share my life, hopes, and how I think I can help you. I’m on a mission to live a wholehearted life by creating space that yoga invites.

As an enthusiastic and nomadic yoga teacher (RYT200) and entrepreneur currently based in Lincoln, Nebraska, I write for those trying to do it all and wondering how they can bring any extra sort of space to their lives for more passion for life, time, fulfillment, and maybe a little peace and/or quiet. My focus is in: workplace wellness, desk/office yoga, functional yoga, vinyasa and alignment, and guided relaxation.

here i am

There I was – quite successful straight out of grad school, in corporate healthcare administration. While I loved the mission of my job, I could feel myself getting caught in a whirlwind my career was creating – more success, longer hours, pushing harder, wanting to impress more, less time for friends, loneliness. Because I was young, single, and without a family, I “should” be able to have more energy, work harder, and put in more hours. It almost became an out of body experience, much like in A Christmas Carol, where I could see from the outside that this lifestyle was not sustainable.

I had practiced yoga intermittently for a couple of years and loved it. Why didn’t I get back into that, and why shouldn’t I just become a teacher?? As with many things I do, I  jumped straight into yoga teacher training at Village Yoga Center, with the most outstanding teachers – Debbie and Cynthia.  Little did I know, yoga would create space and balance in a way I had not felt since before grad school.  The principles, the breathing, the community. It all taught me a philosophy that I brought into my corporate career with tiny insights, postures, and mantras that brought back balance, space, and purpose.  It took away thoughts of self-doubt and anxiety, gave me energy, and helped me realign my priorities, all making me be a better partner, friend, and employee. Beyond that – it improved my running and flexibility, and I was in the best shape of my life!

Yoga helped me express my authentic self and gave me the courage to make changes that aligned with my desires.  I continue to build my yoga career wherever life takes me – California, Chicago, Nebraska…you name it. Yoga welcomes you as you are and gives you the tools to take you where you want to go.

my why

As I heard many of my colleagues, from young professionals to seasoned executives, talk about the same career frustrations I had, my passion to share what I learned  through yoga to help others in the corporate workplace continued to grow.  Without drastically changing your routine, I want to give you simple yoga foundations that you can use not just to survive the 9-5 but to thrive and find your zest again.

the randomness that is me

I am: a child of God (by His grace alone!)  Natural redhead. 5’12” – yes I said it, 5 foot 12 (I’m a tall yogi.) 90/10 paleo. Middle child. INFP. And a scorpio…there are a whole lot of stereotypes going on in those few statements. On a good day, I can support and negate them all.

If I dance in my car with you or text you past 10:00pm, you are special to me.

I love traveling, thus the page dedicated to wanderlust. Traveling has taught me we’re all much more alike than we are different.

For Hope. For Strength. For Life.

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