My BuJo!

Happy New Year! I’ve been on a hiatus somewhat unintentionally but had some other big projects I was working, and I felt like I needed to pick something consistent to blog about. Yoga? Paleo recipes? Running? But, I don’t fit into those little boxes, and neither will my posts all of the time. I have a lot of interests!

While I may appear very organized to some, those who know me best, know I’m hard to nail down and tend to go where the wind blows.  However, I do like to have my notebook or planner to write things down, make to do lists for my to do lists (mostly so I feel like I’m in order), and make goals for myself.  I remember my grandma always had a little notebook that she recorded everything she did at the end of the day. I should have asked her why she did that while she was still around, but I’ll be satisfied in the fact that I think I picked it up from her.


I was looking for a new planner for this year and realized none of them were exactly what I’m looking for. If I could blend three of them together, that would be ideal, but Target doesn’t look highly upon tearing apart their merchandise.  I do love, love, LOVE Target’s notebooks, though, and tend to just buy a blank one to use for my planner, devotions, goals, lists…you get the idea.  This year, I decided I’d keep that practice but create my own BuJo with this lovely golden polka-dotted magic life organizer. Apparently BuJo is the lingo for “Bullet Journal” these days.  Continue reading