My BuJo!

Happy New Year! I’ve been on a hiatus somewhat unintentionally but had some other big projects I was working, and I felt like I needed to pick something consistent to blog about. Yoga? Paleo recipes? Running? But, I don’t fit into those little boxes, and neither will my posts all of the time. I have a lot of interests!

While I may appear very organized to some, those who know me best, know I’m hard to nail down and tend to go where the wind blows.  However, I do like to have my notebook or planner to write things down, make to do lists for my to do lists (mostly so I feel like I’m in order), and make goals for myself.  I remember my grandma always had a little notebook that she recorded everything she did at the end of the day. I should have asked her why she did that while she was still around, but I’ll be satisfied in the fact that I think I picked it up from her.


I was looking for a new planner for this year and realized none of them were exactly what I’m looking for. If I could blend three of them together, that would be ideal, but Target doesn’t look highly upon tearing apart their merchandise.  I do love, love, LOVE Target’s notebooks, though, and tend to just buy a blank one to use for my planner, devotions, goals, lists…you get the idea.  This year, I decided I’d keep that practice but create my own BuJo with this lovely golden polka-dotted magic life organizer. Apparently BuJo is the lingo for “Bullet Journal” these days.  Continue reading


October: Gr’Attitude’ Challenge


Anne of Green Gables said it best, “I’m so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Once a year at least, my best gal pal and I choose a month to text each other at least daily what we are grateful for that day. Sometimes we’re grateful for simple things like coffee (and I’m sure others are grateful I’m drinking this, too!) and other days it’s for the way our days so divinely weave together to keep us safe, surround us by loved ones, or work for our good. This year, our Gr’Attitude’ Challenge is starting today for the month of October!

Sometimes, it can seem like a chore to find the silver lining and even more of a chore to physically stop and write it down. It can certainly positively change your attitude and that of others just by changing your perspective. I made a quick video for you about how you can easily keep a running log of what you are grateful for without even having to leave your desk.  Or, if you’d like to participate with us for the next 30 days, please do! It doesn’t hurt to have more gratitude spreading around the world.  It’s also a great way to stop and be present, which is a philosophy in yoga.  When I’m actively practicing yoga or single-tasking (being present) it is much easier for me to be grateful. Warning: the video is a little blurry but bear with it

How to Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal – In Your Email!

  • Open up a new email and address it to yourself with the subject being “Gratitude Journal” or whatever you’d like to name it
  • Start by typing the date and just one thing you’re grateful for. It can be more, but I don’t like to have to come up with a certain amount. It’s just important to be getting in the habit.
  • When you’re finished send it to yourself.
  • The following day, open up your “Gratitude” email, forward it to yourself, and begin for that day with what makes you thankful
  • Send, Open, Forward, Repeat!


Another great resource is this 5 Minute Journal I reference in the video and here in the photo.  It is absolutely wonderful and has you list daily what you’re
grateful for, what would make the day great, daily affirmations, amazing things that happened that day, and what would make tomorrow better.

Please comment with any ways you work gratitude into your day. I’d love to hear and see how I and others can up our gratitude game. More gratitude coming your way for the month of October. Namaste!